Thursday, March 14, 2013

A prairie girl’s journey to Montréal

It was a late Friday afternoon and I was picking up tomato sauce at a local supermarket before heading to work.  As I was waiting in line to pay, I picked up a phone call from my boyfriend.


He just received an email from the Faculty of Law at McGill University.

My heart stopped because I could hear hesitation and excitement in his voice but I couldn’t figure out if he received good or bad news…

GOOD NEWS! He was accepted into the Faculty of Law at McGill University!!! I’m extremely proud of him, I knew he was a smart cookie when I first met him.

 I also happen to LOVE Montréal. It’s a charming and multicultural city that is home to a plethora of unique restaurants, an eclectic art scene and a hub for PR jobs (just what I’m looking for!) I’ve also travelled to Montréal numerous times, as it is my boyfriend’s hometown.

Happiness, nervousness and fear are the best way I can describe how I felt at that exact moment. I can't believe I am actually moving to Montréal.


When I announced my ‘good news’ to my parents, my mom wasn’t exactly jumping for joy. In fact, she was worried, nervous and sad. I don’t blame her, it’s never easy to see your child move to another city even if it’s just two and a half hours away by plane.

And then, the perfect idea came to her mind. She was convinced that I should work at Air Canada. “Their headquarters are in Montréal and I’m sure they have a public relations department”, she says.

I tried not to laugh because I knew she wasn’t being completely truthful.

“Do you want me to work at Air Canada so you can get discounted flights to Montréal?”, I quickly responded.

She started laughing hysterically yet tried to deny this is why she thought Air Canada would be a great fit for me.

These are the types of conversations I will miss. I will evidently continue to converse with my family and friends through Skype, but it won’t be the same.

I’d be lying if I said I’m happy to be leaving Winnipeg. I’m not. I will always keep a special place in my heart for Winnipeg; after all, my friends and family are Winnipeggers. To name a few, here are some landmarks that I will always cherish:

1. Wellington Crescent (It’s a lovely place for walkers, joggers and runners)
2. Segovia Tapas Bar and Restaurant (I’ve ate some of my best meals here)
3. St. Boniface neighbourhood (I was raised in this quaint neighbourhood)
4. Albert beach (I’ve enjoyed many summers at this beach with friends and family)
5. Université de Saint-Boniface (This is where I met my boyfriend)


Needless to say, I am thrilled about moving to Montréal but Winnipeg will always be my home and my first love.

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